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OSRG Research Opportunities

Postgraduate Research Degree Opportunities

We welcome enquiries about postgraduate PhD research, whether full-time or part-time.

OSRG has a shared interest in systems thinking and systems practice, in particular as applied to the themes of environment and sustainable development and information systems. Ideas about social justice and the responsible application of research feature strongly in the Group’s research.

OSRG-based research is strongly interdisciplinary and often involves ‘co-researching’ and ‘action research’, working with individuals, groups and institutions to help bring about improvements to complex situations of concern to them.

Current research interests in the group include:

• Systems thinking and practice
• Critical system heuristics
• Soft systems methodology
• Environmental decision making
• Sustainable development and natural resource management issues
• Climate change adaptation
• Social learning
• Environmental ethics
• Managing complexity
• Communities of practice
• Learning systems
• Information systems
• Governance systems
• Participatory technologies

If you are interested in postgraduate research, you can contact us by sending an email to