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Dr. Tony Nixon
Dr Tony Nixon
Post:Senior Lecturer in Information Systems
Department:Engineering And Innovation
E-Mail:tony.nixon @
Fax:01908 652140

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       <font face="sans-serif" size="2">I am a senior lecturer in Information Systems and currently chair of the level one module TM129. I also work on the T356</font><font face="sans-serif" size="2"> and T802. </font><br>

I have several research interests which include:  
  • X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
  • Open source teaching  
  • Complex systems and emergence  

I have contributed to the development or presentation of the following courses:
  • T354 Inside electronic devices  
  • TXR174 Technology in action  
  • T323 Logic design  
  • T202 Analogue and digital electronics  
  • TM420-6 The information technology and computing project  
  • T356 Engineering small worlds
  • T802 Research Project
  • T885 Team engineering

I have tutored several courses in Technology and Science including:  
  • T102 Living with technology  
  • S102 Science foundation course  
  • S281 Astronomy and planetary science  
  • T323 Logic design  
  • T235 Engineering mechanics
  • T171 You, your computer and the Net  
  • T223 Microprocessor-based computers


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