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Dr. Kevin Collins
Dr Kevin Collins
Post:Lecturer in Systems and the Environment
Department:Engineering And Innovation
E-Mail:kevin.collins @
Tel:+44 (0)1908 655095
Fax:01908 652140

My background is in Environmental Science and Geography.  

After postdoc research at UCL, I joined the OU in 2001 to work on the SLIM project exploring social learning approaches to water managing.  This theme has become a core focus of my research in the UK, EU and internationally.

My research interests focus on social learning for natural resource management especially water resources; and systems thinking and practice.  

Current projects focus on:

climate change and water CADWAGO; drought warning systems DRiVER; and I'm also working with DEFRA/Environment Agency on social learning approaches for catchment based approaches and River Basin Planning under the Water Framework Directive.  

Recent projects include:

I am interested in supervising PhDs in the following areas:
  • social learning
  • systems thinking and practice
  • water resource managing
  • natural resource managing and governance

My teaching includes a variety of modules on environmental topics and systems approaches.
Undergraduate: I am currently chairing  Environmental Management 1 and contributing to Environmental Management II.

Postgraduate: Managing Systemic Change  Environmental Responsibility, Environmental Decision Making: A Systems Approach

I have also contributed to a Guide to systems diagramming


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